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A voyage to the Algerian Sahara is an experience like nothing you can imagine. Camping out under the stars, hundreds of miles from the nearest evidence of civilisation, with no others around as far as the eye can see. Here you are truly surrounded by the awesome scale and beauty of nature.

Our guides have years of experience in escorting visitors through the challenging terrain of the desert, and will ensure your trip is safe and unforgettable.

Discover history older than the pyramids.

Thousands of years ago - long before the mighty empire of Rome, the great pharaohs of Egypt, even the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia - the region that is now a harsh inhospitible desert was home to a lush savanna teeming with life. It was here that our ancestors thrived, carving their mark into the rock all across the Tassili plateau. A UNESCO site since 2001, this region of the desert contains one of the highest concentrations of prehistoric art on Earth.

Exploring the traces left by these long-lost denizens of the Sahara, one can piece together an image of what life was like before the fertile land turned to dust. Abundant are depictions of the animals that once roamed here at varios points in history, such as cattle, horses, elephants, giraffes, and of course camels. Later paintings show detailed evidence of an advanced civilisation on this land, portraying soldiers in battle. Our guides are highly knowledgable on the subject of the prehistoric Sahara, and will help to put what you are seeing into context.

Feel on top of the world.

Climbing a giant sand dune is not an easy feat, as the ground gives way with each step. It is however one that is undoubtedly worth the effort. The colossal dunes of Timerzouga offer a view like no other, more reminiscent of the surface of Mars than anywhere on Earth. Watching the sun set over the vast and empty orange landscape is an experience that is not soon forgotten.

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